“It is more important to click with people than to click the shutter.” 

-Alfred Eisenstaedt

Hi there! I’m Christina.

I'm married to my best friend and high school sweetheart and together we have a couple of funny, kind and headstrong girls, Stella and Ellen. We live in Saint Charles County and spend our free time in St. Louis exploring restaraunts, museums, furniture and record shops. I love Mid-Century modern design, bad sci-fi movies from the 80's (Robocop, anyone?) and dance parties with my kids. The Great Gatsby is my favorite book and I own 4 copies of it, because why not? My hubs and I are concert people and go to as many as our busy schedules will allow. Foo Fighters has been my favorite band since high school and I see them every time they're in St. Louis.

I love tattoos and the stories they tell. I love attending and throwing Birthday parties! I admire honesty and straightforwardness and self-education. The most important thing to me is teaching my kids the value of love and inclusivity, and I treasure my friends from all walks of life. There's a lot more to say, but I'd rather tell you in person and learn about your life, too! There's a good chance we will become friends after our shoot.

A Little About A Session With Me.

My passion, without a doubt, is child portraiture. I am a mom who waited 6 long years for my first blessing. Ever since she has come into my life, my calling has been to capture children's uniquely gorgeous faces and personalities for their moms and dads. When I work with kids, I always talk to them, make them laugh, get to know them a little so the images I create are not ones of fake smiles, but genuine glimpses into their innocent hearts. I focus on their bright, clear and happy eyes, and capture every little detail and nuance of their faces in a soulful way. Chubby cheeks, perfectly unruly hair, little scars, newly missing teeth or gummy infant smiles... these are a few of the things you as a parent will want to remember when they are grown. And I aim to make these priceless details into timeless art for you. 

Of course, I understand the importance of getting Mom and Dad (and sometimes Grandpa, Grandma, or the family pet) in some of the portraits, so every Family Session will include a variety of family shots, as well.